Look Who Connected

First Name Maiden Name Last Name Degree(s) Parent Year(s) City State
Bruce Macdonough '78 P '13
Dana Macdonough P '13
Robert Macy MS '72
Elizabeth Magill
Tom Malengo
Dick Mallery JD '63
Carolyn Manning '78
Maria Martinez Mathus '96
Pamela Matson
Sharon Dupont McCord '78
Lily McElwee '15
Tim McFadden '77
Brian McKenna MS '74
Karen McKenna
Suzie Meeker '71, MA '72 P '00
Vick Mehta MS '91
Laura Thomas Mitchell '93
Bob Moya JD '69
Sara Moya
Ruth Murphy

About Stanford+Connects

Stanford+Connects was a 16-city event tour that helped alumni re-experience Stanford (minus the midterms), multiply their networks and stretch their brain in infinite ways.