A near-perfect storm of population growth, changing environmental standards, and climate change has put the American West’s crucial water management systems at risk. Professors Kennedy and Thompson will explain the historical forces that have brought the entire region to this critical juncture, and explore some promising solutions going forward.

What is the best use of virtual reality?  Professor Jeremy Bailenson explains how virtual reality can be used to affect positive change, most notably for the environment.

There’s so little we understand about how birds fly. Through incredible photography and observations in his lab’s wind tunnel, engineering professor David Lentink highlights rarely detected bird behavior. By studying nature, his lab seeks to build better drones.

The National School Lunch program feeds millions of kids each day. Many of these children rely on this food as the one nutritious meal they may receive that day. Stanford student Maria Deloso shares her journey in thinking about the impact of this program on the nation.

With extreme events such as severe heat, rainfall and storm surge flooding, climate change is top of mind. Professor Diffenbaugh discusses particular impacts on the Midwest and shares how Stanford can serve as an innovation lab to tackle these tough problems.


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