For the first time, 150 Stanford undergraduate and graduate students competed in the Solar Decathlon project to promote solar technology. Lilly Shi shared their approach to building the home through looking at early cars and assembly line manufacturing. Focusing on a core within the home, students emphasize agency over automation during the design phase.

1,600 Stanford alumni met Shelley the driverless race car—and connected with star faculty and each other—in Los Angeles on Feb 1. See photo highlights.

Stanford approaches the issue of energy as an interdisciplinary problem, bringing together students and faculty from all parts of campus. In this talk, Professor Lynn Orr shares innovations in photovoltaics, electrodes and batteries. 

Every patient's body tells a powerful story about the patient's socio-medical condition, past and present. In this talk, Professor Abraham Verghese traces the evolution of technology in medical care and emphasizes the importance of developing a clinical eye during bedside diagnosis. He'll also touch on the ritual of the medical exam as a pivotal moment of transformation.

Campus loop may get a little loopier.

Among other autonomous car ambitions, Chris Gerdes, associate professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS), hopes to pilot a self-driving bus on the Stanford campus. In order to do so, he'll need to equip said ghost-shuttle with three necessities: actuation, sensors and logic. Learn more in the Wall Street Journal: "A Peek Under the Hood at the Brains of Self-Driving Cars."

Buckle up, SoCal. Chris Gerdes will speak at Stanford+Connects Los Angeles in February 2014.


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Stanford+Connects was a 16-city event tour that helped alumni re-experience Stanford (minus the midterms), multiply their networks and stretch their brain in infinite ways.