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  • A near-perfect storm of population growth, changing environmental standards, and climate change has put the American West’s crucial water management systems at risk. Professors Kennedy and Thompson will explain the historical forces that have brought the entire region to this critical juncture, and explore some promising solutions going forward.

  • For many of us, negotiation is a mysterious and, sometimes, intimidating process. Professor Neale will reveal empirical truths about common negotiation beliefs and provide a window into more effective strategies in negotiating, helping us get more out of everyday interactions.

  • Are human basic attributes largely fixed or can they be developed? Professor Dweck demonstrates how what you believe can have profound implications for success in school, business, relationships and parenting.

  • What should we expect from this year’s elections cycle? Drawing on extensive research about demographic shifts, campaign media, the psychology of voting, and the history of implicit and explicit anti-immigrant and anti-minority rhetoric, Stanford experts weigh in on the current political climate.



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