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  • What should we expect from this year’s elections cycle? Drawing on extensive research about demographic shifts, campaign media, the psychology of voting, and the history of implicit and explicit anti-immigrant and anti-minority rhetoric, Stanford experts weigh in on the current political climate.

  • At Stanford Law School, students gain hands on experience serving real clients through eleven clinics. JD/MBA student Sam Byker shares his experience in preparing for the Supreme Court case on marriage equality.

  • The National School Lunch program feeds millions of kids each day. Many of these children rely on this food as the one nutritious meal they may receive that day. Stanford student Maria Deloso shares her journey in thinking about the impact of this program on the nation.

  • As a democratic nation, America champions ideals such as freedom and liberty. Drawing from his government service and extensive background in foreign policy, Professor McFaul proposes a framework for thinking about democracy and asks how and if the U.S. should spread democracy to other countries.



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