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  • Every patient's body tells a powerful story about the patient's socio-medical condition, past and present. In this talk, Professor Abraham Verghese traces the evolution of technology in medical care and emphasizes the importance of developing a clinical eye during bedside diagnosis. He'll also touch on the ritual of the medical exam as a pivotal moment of transformation.

  • Is it more important to say the right thing or act the right way? Professor Gruenfeld provides compelling research about how we perceive power in our relationships, examining the words we use, non-verbal cues and the ways in which we communicate. She'll share how we can most effectively get our message across.

  • Technology continues to evolve and play a larger role in all of our daily lives. This huge growth in media (television, computers and smart phones) has changed our culture of the way in which we use media. More devices has created a world of multitaskers and in this talk, Professor Cliff Nass explores what this means for our society.

  • Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuellar delves into the complex issues surrounding U.S. immigration, which seem both generous in opening its arms to immigrants and yet also heavily bureaucratic. In particular, he'll explore the issue of more than twelve million undocumented workers and the challenges and opportunities posed by this group in America.

  • Campus loop may get a little loopier.

    Among other autonomous car ambitions, Chris Gerdes, associate professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS), hopes to pilot a self-driving bus on the Stanford campus. In order to do so, he'll need to equip said ghost-shuttle with three necessities: actuation, sensors and logic. Learn more in the Wall Street Journal: "A Peek Under the Hood at the Brains of Self-Driving Cars."

    Buckle up, SoCal. Chris Gerdes will speak at Stanford+Connects Los Angeles in February 2014.



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