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  • “We don’t currently charge ourselves anything for the privilege of putting greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. We need to recognize that that generates real costs and be willing to pay those ourselves.”

    Professor Lynn Orr, ’69, who will speak at Stanford+Connects Atlanta, talks curbing emissions with Dr. Scott Tinker of the Switch Energy Project: "Managing Capture."

  • "Whatever the midlife dip of happiness is in humans, it probably transcends the specifics of human culture and psyche, and instead taps into something much deeper and older."

    Before you pull the trigger on that new sports car, consider that you're not alone in your middle-aged malaise. As Professor Robert Sapolsky writes, it's not just other humans, but also apes, that feel your pain: "Man Isn't Alone; Apes Also Suffer Midlife Crises."

  • Should Stanford pilot a New York City program?

    Slated for spring 2015, the program would mirror Stanford in Washington, where students intern during the day and take classes at night. Instead of politics, Stanford in NYC would focus on the arts, media, urban studies and, perhaps, finance.

    Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education Harry J. Elam Jr., who will be speaking at Stanford+Connects Atlanta, discusses the potential pilot program.

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  • "[I've been] trying to look at how societies and legal systems and organizations take on problems that are so difficult to solve that nobody can really expect that they're likely to be completely solved—ever."

    Professor Tino Cuéllar, MA '96, PhD '01, the new head of Stanford's Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and a speaker at Stanford+Connects Europe, discusses his scholarship and background with STANFORD: "The Borderless View of Tino Cuellar."



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