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  • Get in touch with your inner author, try an online course and bond with fellow alums, all at the same time. Stanford Continuing Studies is offering two 10-week, alumni-only writing courses, "Short Story Writing" and "Writing Your Debut Novel," taught by former Stegner Fellows Angela Pneuman and Malena Watrous.

    Class starts July 1. Write on!

  • Regardless of political affiliation, healthcare is an issue that is universal. While approaches in modern medicine have a proclivity to supplement physical ailments with artificially engineered solutions, Jill Helms explores alternate solutions that focus on restoring the body through naturally regenerative means.

  • Wanda Corn encourages us to reconsider what falls within the spectrum of "Fine Arts" in the Americas as she draws our attention to more recent exhibitions that have lead to the creation of new paradigms in Fine Art Galleries, increasing the appeal of museums to a larger audience.

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  • Mankind has learned more in the last 30 years about the disease of Alzheimer's than we have ever known before. Hank Greely explains Alzheimer's disease, some of the leading causes behind the disease, and shares some of his concerns for legal and social ramifications regarding Alzheimer's. 

  • Dan Klein shares some of his strategies for fostering connections amongst teammates who are geared towards a common creative goal. Sharing equal control of the creative process promotes a forum in which teammates can cater to each other's individual strengths to achieve the best collaborative efforts.



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