The Chosen Exile of Racial Passing

Sep 26, 2015

What happened to African Americans who made the decision to pass? Professor Hobbs shares a couple of examples from her research on racial passing, as well as a personal reflection from her own family history.

Allyson Hobbs is an assistant professor of history. Her research interests include American cultural history, identity formation, and migration. Professor Hobbs teaches courses on African American history, African American women's history, and twentieth century American history. Her teaching has garnered awards including the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Prize, the Graves Award in the Humanities, and the St. Clair Drake Outstanding Teaching Award from the Program in African and African American Studies. Professor Hobbs’s debut book, A Chosen Exile: A History of Racial Passing in American Life, explores the phenomenon of racial passing in the United States. A Chosen Exile won the Frederick Jackson Turner Prize for best first book in American history and the Lawrence Levine Prize for best book in American cultural history.

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