Discovering Ancient Forests of the Deep: Submersible Adventures in the Pacific

May 21, 2016

What lies at the bottom of the ocean? In this lecture Professor Rob Dunbar explores the ocean floor and shares what it tells us about the environment.

Rob Dunbar is the W.M. Keck Professor of Earth Science and a professor of earth system science. Professor Dunbar heads a research group working on past and present changes in the ocean and their impacts on marine communities as well as mankind. His research interests include climate change, marine ecology and biogeochemistry. An expert on glaciers, sea ice and other polar systems, Professor Dunbar has traveled to the Antarctic and the Arctic many times for research projects, as well as the Stanford Alumni Association’s Travel/Study program. Dunbar chairs the Board of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership based in Washington D.C., and regularly provides advice and support to our nation’s policy and decision makers. In 2009, he received the Richard W. Lyman Award for exceptional volunteer service to alumni. Professor Dunbar is the J. Frederick and Elisabeth B. Weintz University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, and a senior fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment.

This Stanford+Connects micro lecture was filmed on location at Stanford University. Stanford+Connects is a program of the Stanford Alumni Association.

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